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It’s people not process! People are your unfair advantage (or your unfair disadvantage!)

Engage your stakeholders. Make change irresistible. Deliver lasting outcomes. Enhance your business performance.

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Your business deserves
an Unfair Advantage

"Ignite Exceptional Results. Unleash Your Unfair Advantage for Growth.”
This is when the remarkable becomes a reality.

People are your unfair advantage, not process! People are the key to irresistible, high value change.

Inspire and engage your stakeholders to deliver the big differences to transform your business.


'We are living in a state of Permanent Reset'

'Leading has taken second place to managing’ - 'strategic finesse has been eclipsed by short-sighted manoeuvring’ - 'an obsession with costs has clouded the appetite for substantial gains'.


In a turbulent world, success is driven by human ingenuity - the catalyst for remarkable change. This is the lifeblood of the organisation and the pulse of innovation. It’s people not process who breathe life into the organisation’s ambitions.


The women and men of your organisation are your most valuable asset. This is where you will find your 'Unfair Advantage', certainly not in processes.

Unleash this, and what you didn't think possible will become achievable. Your people are the key to compelling, high-value change - when all stakeholders are engaged and aligned on common goals, change becomes natural and long-lasting.

In partnership with C-Suites, we separate the Urgent from the Important, concentrating on securing high-value outcomes to shape and secure their vision, purpose and brand ambition.


We don't simply assume there's something inherently wrong. We explore.


Never remote, never detached, always confidential, dedicated to enabling businesses to thrive, weaving transformation from within. Informed by astute listening and questioning, we extend impartial guidance, interwoven with fresh thinking, to untangle and affirm ambitions, motivations, hurdles, neglected avenues, brand certainty, with the bedrock of culture. 

We are open minded, well informed outsiders who can draw on real life, global business experience, empowering you to bring to life valuable outcomes of unmatched magnitude.


From here, together we develop an advantageous strategy around your business, its vision, mission, purpose and promise, crafting innovatively co-designed solutions and interventions that defy any notion of being pre-packaged.

The urgent has hijacked the important

'Step up & Step back' with confidence - the mantra for today's successful leaders to empower their people.

1. Where are we?​

2. Where could we go?

3. Where should we go?

4. How do we get there?

Prioritorise the IMPORTANT, redefine what's URGENT.


This isn't business as usual. What was once an anomaly has become the norm - a landscape of unpredictability more profound than any time before.


The demand to deliver growth while being strong and stable has reached unprecedented levels.

It’s a huge ask: mastering the art of keeping afloat while forging ahead; clear headed about the big picture; embracing audacious approaches to engage customers, clients and partners.


Fuelled by renewed energy and unwavering purpose; bringing people with them every step of the way, while safeguarding those precious moments for personal lives.

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The Unfair Advantage
"Strategic Agility, Unmatched Results: Your Unfair Advantage Unleashed"

Inspired and engaged, your people are the vital ingredient to deliver real change. We work closely with senior leadership teams to draw on the indispensable source of energy within your organisation. We design & deliver customised, measurable stakeholder engagement programmes to seize the opportunity by unleashing the confidence & competency that's already there. Stakeholder consultation and inclusion makes change irresistible & delivers the high value outcomes that will transform your business.





We never presume to know better.

Every business is unique, we adapt our approach around yours.

We are a partnership of complementary skills and approaches, committed to our clients' success.  

We recognise how different perspectives and experience can add value.

Your business is your business. Let’s keep it that way.

Stakeholder Alignment Matrix (SAM)
Marketing Strategy optimised

ROI Performance impact 

Brand Platform elevated

Leadership effectiveness calibrated

People, Culture & DE&I framed

Stakeholders & Customers engaged

Delivery & Operations scoped & aligned

Timing and Costing
"Transforming Tomorrow: Elevate Your Success with The Unfair Advantage"

Each programme will be different

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Common Sense Check
Meeting with the C-Suite. This is our investment. We allow ½ day (in person or virtual) to agree the opportunity scope and to ascertain the extent of our involvement and mutually agreed way to collaborate.

Stakeholder Consultation
Design and delivery comes next. For a group of up to 20 people this can take 4 weeks to complete (subject to people’s availability).

The cost includes the entire consultation process
Design – delivery – analysis and reporting.  It is priced on the scope of the consultation, with the option to include clients, external stakeholders, and total number of participants involved (virtual or in person).

Action Planning & Delivery
Framing the opportunity for change.  Costed on the scope of work, depth of engagement with the broader organisation. We scope this on agreed project elements either on an “all you can eat” basis or by the day or hourly for Executive Coaching.

Helping to make change irresistible

With you all the way - delivering the big differences

to transform your business

Executive Coaching

The art of being a leader doesn’t just happen by magic – it is something distinctive and highly personal that can be learned & coached.

Performance Enhanced

Enabling C-Suite leaders and their teams to optimise plans and ambitions for growth.

Key player retention

Focus on the people without whom the organisation’s hopes and dreams simply won’t be realised.

“We have tried many things in the past and they did not always achieve what we expected. Now we know why.” CEO

Global Creative Experiential & Activation Agency

Key Lesson Learned:

Success requires nothing less than an authentic, ambitious & memorable Leadership agenda that people who are enabled to succeed can embrace.

Next Step

For a confidential, obligation-free conversation about the change you would like to see in your business, contact one of us directly or send a brief message.

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